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Mahikan Trails offers a variety of hands on experiences for those who have an appetite for exploring and learning about the old ways by doing! Everything from half and full days to multiple days these educational programs are fun, informative and vital for those who work or play in back country situations!

For all the programs below, please check our news and events pages for dates that these programs will be running.



If you are interested in a variety of different crafting opportunities or want to learn about some of the tea and other plant uses in the forest, then this is the one for you. You can choose from a variety of different crafts to make such as dream catchers, mini moccasins, spirit bags or mini snow shoes plus learn about some of the tea found in the forest and enjoy a sample with your guide. You may even desire to learn how to do bead work on your moccasins or spirit bags, or just make a loom bead project, just let us know and we will put it together for you!

Half Day :
$75 + GST Includes 1 craft, snack & drinks

Full Day: $140 + GST Includes 2 crafts, snack & drinks (an optional lunch is available, please ask about pricing).

To do a crafting session, we need a minimum of 10 people.




Want to learn to make your own moccasins? We can learn a variety of design for bead work, and a simple design for the moccasins that should have you finished at least one by the days end.

Full Day:
$250 + GST Includes all materials (Price is per person)

Minimum group of 6




Want to learn to tan your own hides? Come learn our traditional ways and understand how to tan hides. We will learn about and explore the difference between dry and wet scraping and what your preference is.

Full Day:
$250 + GST (Price is per person)

Minimum group of 6

Hunters, want to get rid of your hides and you don't know what to do with them? Give us a call, if you are within a few hundred km's of me, I'll come pick them up.

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