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Mahikan Trails 

About Us

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being the only Aboriginal Multi-Adventure company in the Canmore/Banff area. As an Aboriginal company we offer Métis (mixed Native and European blood) guides as well as our fully Aboriginal Awareness trained non-Native guides.

What Sets Us Apart

Our expertise is in our quality programs and our highly qualified guides. 

Regardless of the trips we offer, everything we do has an element of our Native Heritage. Our traditions and culture are interspersed in our hiking trips, you will learn about the plants in the area and what they mean to us whether it is for food, medicine, clothing or tools. Our relation to the animals and the earth are interpreted and we love to captivate your mind with the amazing things you can learn from an animals track!

Our  guides uniqueness and experience shines through as they add their own special touch for our guests; whether it's showing you traditional fire lighting skills at a picnic site during lunch or teaching you some practical skills for use on the trail. You can learn about each of the different guides under their own pages: Dave's Page, Jed's PageBrenda's PageJordan's Page, Tracey's Page (coming soon) and Morgan's Page.

We avoid the more "popular" areas that have been over-marketed, thus giving our guests a true taste of the little known areas of the Rockies and keeping them away from the large volumes of people that are drawn to the well known areas.

We focus on keeping our groups small and intimate, unless you have a specific request to have a larger group we stay well under the parks limits of a group size of 12

Our Qualifications

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)

Interpretive Guides Association

Advanced Wilderness First Aid

Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI)

National Canadian Coach

Interpretation Canada

Parks Bear Guide Program

Alberta Wilderness Education

Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR Instructor

Wilderness Survival Instructor (Winter and Summer)

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