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New Courses we are offering!
We've been working hard putting together some exciting programs. The latest is our Wild First Aid!

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills

The course is designed to allow students an opportunity to practice essential skills in a realistic but controlled environment. It is divided into two days where students can participate in both days or just take the first days instruction (this alone giving a host of great skills to deal with the unexpected) then come back at a later date for the second day.

Who Is The Course For?

This course is designed for those people who recreate, work or travel in remote areas of Alberta. The skills taught are ideal for any mode of travel that has taken you into a remote area i.e Dog Sled, hiking, truck, airplane etc.

The course is aimed at guides on short or long term trips who would like to know what to do when things go wrong and how to formulate a plan to deal with the situation they are faced with using equipment they have with them or improvising from the local bush.

For more information check it out on the Bushcraft page

Outdoor Council of Canada
Leadership Level 1

The leadership Level 1 certification prepares new leaders for the leadership of others in one day activities in low risk environments. As these new leaders develop experience and expertise they can certify for leadership in more complex risk environments by taking additional certifications. 

If you need a custom course with specific dates, give us a call and we can accommodate you!


We have now posted our Standard First Aid and Wilderness First Aid courses! Check out our dates calendar below or under the Course Dates on the left.

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