Mahikan Trails

Outdoor Skills & Activities



Discover the Canadian Rockies from a unique perspective through Indigenous Culture!

Year round we engage our clients in our local excursions to beautiful places with a rich and vibrant Indigenous history. We invite you to immerse yourself with us as we touch, taste and walk (or snow shoe!) our way to connect with the land.  

Traditional Courses and Programs

From bushcraft to plant medicine, tanning hides, making moccasins we offer an opportunity to learn time honoured skills that allow our guests to take part in our traditions and craft a keepsake they take home!

Many of these courses are ideal for those who spend recreational or work time in remote locations.

Outdoor Courses

If it is time for upgrading skills like First Aid and Interpretive Guiding, we offer outdoor courses for those in the professional industry, or for those who spend time in remote locations needing to enhance their skills and improve safety!