A fun 2 day program where you can learn to get hands on and make some great medicines for different seasons. Each season is a little different in the medicines we focus on since each season poses different health issues.

Winter Medicine:

We will learn to make a few home remedies that are mostly specific to winter issues. Below are a few recipes you will learn:

Cold and flu elixir (tasty and very warming)

Winter healing chai

Warming chest and foot rub

Healing teas and chocolates

Sore throat pastilles

Childrens healing gummies!

And tons more!

Date: January 20/21 2018

Cost: $185 per person and you keep what you make!

Spring Medicine:

Spring tonics and strengtheners are introduced. Below are a few recipes you will learn:
Convalescing Tonic
Springtime Nourishing chai
Moisturizing Spruce body butter
Nervine Glycerites
Spring cold remedies, sprays and losenges
And tons more!

Date: March 24/25 2018

Cost: $185 per person and you keep what you make!

Summer Medicine:

Summer is the time to find your cool! Below are a few of the recipes you will learn:

Cooling Berry chai

Soothing burn salves, sprays and gels

Insect bite relief

Cooling foot gel

Rose eye soother

Cooling deodorant

And tons more!

Date: July 7/8 2018 

Cost: $185 per person and you keep what you make!

Autumn Medicine:

Autumn is the spice of life! This is our most favourite time to teach medicine, such abundance. Below are just a very few remedies you will learn about:

Elderberry cold and flu syrup

Rosehip pancake syrup (eat your medicine, they will never know!)

Rose petal elixir

Salves and gels

Fire Cider

​And tons more!!

Dates: Sept 29/30 and Oct 13/14

Cost: $185 per person and you keep what you make!

Want to buy a package for all 4 seasons? Price is $600

Contact us for more details and to book

Let's Make Soap!

​Learn the art of making soap! This is a 2 day course packed with great information.

A practical and fun hobby for those at home DIY'ers!

We will explore a variety of different soap making techniques from very early and traditional styles making your own lye to modern methods of hot process soaping in under 20 minutes!

Much of this will include using plants we find on the land as well to create different types of soap. This is a fun and creative very hands on experience!

Dates: TBC

Price: $250 per person, lots of take home goodies on this one!

Mahikan Trails


​We are now offering herbology courses, dates and details are coming soon. We are looking at kicking off in the later part of spring 2018. Stay Tuned!

Traditional Teachings

We are all about our Culture and we love to share what we know. There is a lot of interest in Indigenous Culture and increasingly more people want to know about the Traditional way of life and how one can incorporate that into today’s living skills. 

Below are the descriptions of courses we offer in the plant medicine world. Although we are working with Cree traditions, these courses are blended with more modern herbalism principles to ensure the student has a well rounded education and experience.