Take a walk into the past with Mahikan Trails as we guide you through the human history of Grotto Canyon. As an Indigenous company, we offer our cultural perspective on the pictographs and some of the teachings behind them.

Our Day and Night Winter Canyon Tours are spectacular!

We are pleased to bring back our popular night tours! In addition to the wonderful features of the day tours, we include some of our traditional star stories into the night!

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Our ​snow shoe tours are packed full of local history! The area we use is where some of the Métis forefathers of Mahikan Trails were guides and we are following in those traditions!

A fun way to see the local area on snow shoes! Your skilled guide will give you a little history and useful information about snowshoes and snowshoeing from our Indigenous culture.

Tour Highlights

Tracking – Your guide will share indigenous teachings of determining the age of an animals track, what the animal was and if it is likely to return to the area.

Medicine – We love to share our knowledge of plant medicine with our guests, especially in the winter where it is thought that all the medicine is gone,

Stories – We have true historical accounts from our nation as well as our own family that is shared with our guests. 

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Winter Medicine Walk

​Join us on a walk with a knowledgeable guide who will reveal the secrets of winter medicine from a Cree lineage. Many believe plant medicine is found only in the summer, but your guide will share the fascinating historical medicines of the boreal forest in winter found in abundance.

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